The Natural Way – Today’s Epiphany


I just had this epiphany.

I was thinking about my baby Rosie and how she had learned how to sit and crawl so quickly compared to her fellow baby peers. But when she was only a month old, she didn’t have any inclination that she should even want to crawl, or sit, or what have you. She was content to eat and snuggle Mummy for the rest of her life. Had she never evolved from that place she would have continued to be content with that purpose in life. Yet when her capacity for learning had reached that point of evolvement the goal simply came to her out of thin air as her natural next step in growth. That is pretty amazing when you think of it.

I’ve always said how much she amazed me with her instant ability to nurse. Rooting for my milk, finding it, and eating from the moment she came into this world. I was very lucky to be a fortunate mother who never had trouble with that process. I would find myself saying that Rosie was teaching ME how to nurse, and that she was the expert on all of it. She has been so in tune with her natural instincts every step of the way.

I’m glad that she is in my life because she has shown me quite literally what it means to live in our natural way. To BE, just as nature and animals know how to do. When you trust that you will evolve the way you are meant to, then it will happen without question. Pregnancy was such a wonderful example of that. I didn’t have to do a thing. There was no controlling the baby growth process, and there was nothing that needed controlling anyway. I knew without any question that my body would provide everything that it needed to my baby, and that she would arrive in 9 months in the perfect way she had come. Why did I know that? Why in every other aspect in our lives are we so hell bent on controlling, or doubting, or questioning every little thing? They say that when you are more stressed during pregnancy that you are more likely to have complications. Could that be as simple as the fact that those who are more stressed out are also more inclined to worry about the process, planting seeds into the Universe that things could and should go wrong? I wonder if those same people approached their pregnancies with the trust that I felt if things might have gone differently.

I’ve gone a little off on a tangent, and away from my epiphany, so let me bring it back to what I really wanted to talk about!

…Could it be that my Spiritual Awakening is just the next phase in the development of my human experience? In the same way that we learned to crawl, walk, communicate, and evolve on this plain with the physical beings/things on this planet, were we always meant to keep evolving passed those learnings and communicate with all thats around us that we’ve been blinded to?

– Coming back to Rosie as a newborn; not realizing at that point that there will be more for her to know and experience other than Mommy’s breast. Yet because she was true to herself she evolved anyway, without any need to force the process.

Think of the trees and animals who are living their truth without any question of how or why they should be doing that. They are already so in tune with the knowledge that they are one and that as apart of the Universe they are serving their purpose for themselves and towards other creatures. They continue to nurture each other and their families as the cycles of life continue on and on. I think learning more about trees and animals will only open up my mind even more to this epiphany, but it actually makes complete sense doesn’t it? If our ego, and structure, and focusing on what we’ve been told we’re supposed to learn, what we’re supposed to be afraid of, etc. had never come into our lives – then what would we be left with? More growth, more evolvement, more truth.

Every minute that I can learn to let go of my ego more and more. To live in the moment and be open and expectant of all that I am meant to become; is every minute closer to my gifts coming to me spiritually, emotionally, tangibly, and beyond!

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